_____Varvara Divišová carries on a family tradition, her father, Jan Samec Sr., was a prominent Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) artist. She has devoted thirty years to landscape painting, which is the primary and exclusive focus of her work. Scenery with fresh meadows, long hills or field horizons with heavy storm clouds or melting snow are engraved in her memory and artistic mind through the course of seasons’ changes. Varvara Divišová recognizes the inner certainty of the inherent order of nature and its stimulating effect as innate pillar of being itself, therefore all is always present (as a foundation) in each of her pieces.
As she puts it in her own words: ‘I am not always concerned with a particular landscape, more so, with getting a feel for a synthesis of separate areas, and most of all, their moods. I am also aware of the long-term impact of mankind on nature and landscape as well as its memory. In essence, you could say that I percieve landscape as a series of interesting multihued areas continuously changing in space and time due to environmental and weather conditions on top of the long-term effect of mankind.’

____Varvara Divišová lays emphasis primarily on colour approach. Her paintings are composed of deep blues, greens, bright yellows, much loved purple tones, and not forgetting off-whites and grays. Her work’s style is closest to free composition; as she is interested in the interplay of two to three landscape motifs – mostly fields and the skies – in summer brightness and heat as well as in the tranquility of winter – or the spatial layout of meadows, fields, long gradual hills maybe with a patch of woods in the background. Other times it is only lands and skies with heavy clouds. That’s why harmony and tension between the land and the sky creates the principal artistic and composition signs of her paintings.
Varvara Divišová’s currant landscape paintings have become a true artistic metaphor of the natural character of a land.

By Božena Vachudová
Translated by Klára IdranyA